• ANGER DIARY #1 // der citoyen (out of stock / limited edition)

  • ISSUE #1 // die logistik der verführung / logistics of allurement

  • PANTHERION // reality is debatable / pilot episode (2012)

  • home // de-program your mind now

  • MISSION // preQuel inside

    when comic edition preQuel, founded by jörg vogeltanz had produced its first publication (wie im richtigen leben) in 2001 and added anger diary#1 to the short list in 2002 no one expected preQuel to live a long life. but thanks to financial support by the federal government of styria and city of graz, writers and artworkers with a strong will to exploit themselves for the sake of excellent results as well as fructifying cooperations preQuel was able to produce several high-quality products in the field of the sequential arts. to expand the fields of activity the former edition preQuel was re-structured in 2009 into edition preQuel - non-profit association for supporting, publishment and distribution of comics, graphic novels and other media by the prequel core-team (jörg vogeltanz, thomas ballhausen, claudia vogeltanz).

  • ANGER DIARY #2 // wired worlds

  • ANGER DIARIES // the game is afoot

    preQuel's successful graphic novel-series, the Anger Diaries, as a part of a cross media epic project about a sinister secret time- and world-dominating society called "sheng", were created by Jörg Vogeltanz, A. Heimo Sver and Mario Schwarzl in 1998. the diaries are based on the memories of john f. sebastian, a deranged sheng-hitman.

    "Vogeltanz offers a fully mature and relentlessly explicit drawing style in order to illuminate the most degraded sites in this world: his exuberant page compositions are bathed in bright colors; his backgrounds threaten to engulf the single images or allow them to appear briefly, emerging on the visible page surfaces. A visually exhilarating reading experience."
    (Paul Gravett)
    John F. Sebastian
  • ANGER DIARY #3 // inmates

  • ANGER DIARY #5 // funkschatten

  • SEQUENZEN // sequencial art magazine

    sequencial art plays a crucial role within western culture increasingly since the late 19th century. with edition preQuels scientific magazine sequenzen authors and readers get an opportunity to delve into the details of this manifold field of interest.

    previously: sequenzen #1: die logistik der verführung - eine ringvorlesung zur räumlichen dimension in literatur und film (sequences #1: logistics of allurement - a cycle of lectures on spatial dimension in literature and film); editors: thomas ballhausen and verena bauer. (graz/vienna 2009)
  • MULTIMEDIA // we like to move it

    film/video, game design and last but not least television are important core media in the wide field of sequential arts. due to this fact edition prequel decided to establish an independent film/video/tv-production in cooperation with changing partners.

    its debut was the 2012 premiered no-budget pilot episode reality is debatable for the projected but not yet sufficiently financed mystery tv-series PANTHERION.
  • W . O . M . D . // anger diary spin-off series

    s1 s2 s3 s1 s2 s3
  • k e y f r a m e s // anger diary spin-off series

    keyframes_episode001_01 keyframes_episode001_02 keyframes_episode001_03 keyframes_episode001_04
  • early states // absolute beginnings


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