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“Our civilization is a kind of gameset, created by a network of political, religious and social players … this structure is called SHENG.”

These are the first words of SHENG´s most unsuccessful Hitman John F. Sebastian´s so called Anger Diaries, recorded on a dictating machine. Even the SHENG echelon sphere members know nothing about the initial point of the game, although it seems to be a fact, that, according to certain artefacts in the possession of the Supreme Mastersphere, SHENG seems to exist since the days of Hyperborea. After indescretions during the balcan war in the 1990s Sebastian’s secret recordings were incidentally handed over to MacGuffin, an Austrian culture club and further on to Graphic Novelist Joerg Vogeltanz, who publishes their contents since as a graphic novel series called Retrospective Glance / The Memories Of John F. Sebastian: The Anger Diaries. SHENG forced the authors and artists to reveal classified information in a coded and symbolic form only.

diary five: funkschatten (radio silence)


A.Heimo Sver & Mario Schwarzl (Story, Dialogues) / Jörg Vogeltanz (Pub., Artwork, Layout, Translations): “Retrospective Glance: The Memories of John F. Sebastian -The Anger Diaries: Book 5: FUNKSCHATTEN”; 72 pages, color, paperback

ISBN: 978-3-9501678-4-9 / edition preQuel 2004

A Hermann Goering impersonator assigns John F. Sebastian to find the sinister Linguist. John F. subsequently and painfully encounters some long forgotten details from his own past uncovering the true nature of the wanted “person” …

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diary three: inmates


Thomas Ballhausen (Story/Dialogues) / Jörg Vogeltanz (Pub., Artwork, Layout, Translations): “Retrospective Glance: The Memories of John F. Sebastian – The Anger Diaries: Book 3: INMATES”; 84 pages, B&W, paperback

ISBN: 978-3-9501678-2-5 / edition preQuel 2006

John F. Sebastian is sent straight from the Asylum to the Anti-World (see diary two: Wired Worlds) to endure a very special love-affair nightmare inside a parallel world personality called Iason. A very different „Medea“, adaptated by Thomas Ballhausen based on his Short Novel „Trinity“.

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diary two: wired worlds


Thomas Ballhausen (Story/Dialogues) / Jörg Vogeltanz (Pub., Artwork, Layout, Translation, Additional Dialogues): “Retrospective Glance: The Memories of John F. Sebastian – The Anger Diaries: Book 2: WIRED WORLDS”; 132 pages, color, paperback

ISBN: 978-3-9501678-1-8 / edition preQuel 2009

A Steampunk-powered Anti-World is spreading over 132 brilliantly colored double-pages; an alternative World War I has never ended and John F. Sebastian has to destabilize the time-frozen alternate realities using his daughter Tunguska and her sister as super-weapon. Stability must not be!

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diary one: the citoyen


Jörg Vogeltanz (Story, Pub., Artwork, Layout, Translations): “Retrospective Glance: The Memories of John F. Sebastian – The Anger Diaries: Book 1: CITOYEN”, 72 pages, color, paperback / numbered, limited edition (500)

ISBN: 978-3-9501678-0-1 / edition preQuel 2002

The Beginning: John F. Sebastian, Hitman with Austrian family roots stumbles through a global labyrinth made from old and new Nazis, US-Army Black Projects, UFOs and tibetan monks straight forward into his own destruction …

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trilogy one


Thomas Ballhausen / Mario Schwarzl / A. Heimo Sver / Jörg Vogeltanz (Story/Dialogues) / Jörg Vogeltanz (Pub., Artwork, Layout, Translation, Additional Dialogues); 306 pages, color, paperback

ISBN: 978-1499112818 / CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform / edition preQuel 2014


edition preQuel’s successful graphic novel-series, the Anger Diaries, as a part of an epic cross media project about a sinister secret time- and world-dominating society called “Sheng”, was originally created in 1998. The diaries are based on the memories of John F. Sebastian, a deranged sheng-hitman. This album in full color features the first three issues (2002-2009) including the out-of-stock diary one / The Citoyen in one 306-pages-trilogy for the first time translated into english plus some bonus material.

“Vogeltanz offers a fully mature and relentlessly explicit drawing style in order to illuminate the most degraded sites in this world: his exuberant page compositions are bathed in bright colors; his backgrounds threaten to engulf the single images or allow them to appear briefly, emerging on the visible page surfaces. A visually exhilarating reading experience.” (paul gravett)

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