Thomas Ballhausen / Mario Schwarzl / A. Heimo Sver / Jörg Vogeltanz (Story/Dialogues) / Jörg Vogeltanz (Pub., Artwork, Layout, Translation, Additional Dialogues); 306 pages, color, paperback

ISBN: 978-1499112818 / CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform / edition preQuel 2014


edition preQuel’s successful graphic novel-series, the Anger Diaries, as a part of an epic cross media project about a sinister secret time- and world-dominating society called “Sheng”, was originally created in 1998. The diaries are based on the memories of John F. Sebastian, a deranged sheng-hitman. This album in full color features the first three issues (2002-2009) including the out-of-stock diary one / The Citoyen in one 306-pages-trilogy for the first time translated into english plus some bonus material.

“Vogeltanz offers a fully mature and relentlessly explicit drawing style in order to illuminate the most degraded sites in this world: his exuberant page compositions are bathed in bright colors; his backgrounds threaten to engulf the single images or allow them to appear briefly, emerging on the visible page surfaces. A visually exhilarating reading experience.” (paul gravett)

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